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Yingkou Huarui Xiangsheng chemical Technology co, Ltd. Profile

 Located at Bohai Sea gulf of central part of Liaodong Peninsula-Yingkou Economic & Technological Development Area, covering an area of more than 20,000 square meters and building area of 8,000,square meters, with annual production of oil refining catalysts and other oil refining additives of 3,000 tons, Yingkou Huarui Xiangsheng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a larger R&D and Production Base of oil refining catalysts and other oil refining additives in Northeast.

 The company has built long-term cooperation with several famous domestic scientific research institutions, researching and developing various oil refining catalysts and other oil refining additives together, the products have passed authentication and appraisal of state authorized institutes, the quality and performance of products have reached domestic advanced level and passed IS900 Quality System Authentication.

 Cooperated with state key Laboratory of Heay Oi1 Processing (China University of Petroleum), State Key Laboratory of Fine Chemicals (Dalian University of Technology), the company has invested to found Test Base of New Catalytic Materials and High-performance Catalyst, continuously develop advanced high-tech products and new technical skil within dorestic and nteational, and bring cerain considerable economic benefits for customers after putting on the market.

 Main products of the company are as follows: HR-80 catalytic cracking propylene-enhancing additive, HR-50 coking benzene dydrofinishing catalyst (HR-50, HR-90C9 dydrofinishing catalyst), HR-MP seres metal deactivator. and oi refining additives such as antisludging agent, corrosion inhibilor, desulphurizer, diesel depres ant, antioxidant etc.

 well reputed by large customers.  Advanced manufacturing technique. standard adminislrative system, perfect inspection method of the company has nsured the qualty of roducts is stabe and reliable xcelint aer sales servic an go crdi standing is

 Al staf of yingkou Huru Xiangsheng Chemical Technology co. wiling to cooperate with al the customers home or abroad to create a glorious future!

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